Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Maia's Birthday!

Last weekend, Maia turned 11, woohoo! And we had a party. Not just any party but a DISCO party at our home (sorry neighbors!). Well, this disco party also had cocktails, snacks, games and a piñata...

This basically, to a 11-year-old, is how life should be (or perhaps it is for all of us..) And the only boy: the reluctant older brother who had to be paid to work as dj for two hours :))

Please God, can you let this be the state of affairs for some more time. Please?


REMEMBER? When Luis turned 11, we still lived in the U.S. Now he's 13.
I wish, we'll live in the U.S. when Maia turns 13!

Saturday, January 9, 2016


As I was scrolling down one of my Pinterest boards, namely the one labeled "moods", I came across so many nice things I had quite forgotten. I know studies say that people who share these are simple-minded, but guess if I care. It is a NEW YEAR...

Friday, January 8, 2016

Minus 26 Celcius...

Yes, it is very very cold. We got some freezing air from Siberia over the whole of Finland this week and the minus temperatures have been quite scary... The last winters in Helsinki have been so mild, it is hard to adjust. Although, I do remember this from my childhood. A bit too well, even.

(When I lived in D.C. people often said. "Oh, but you must be suffering for the heat wave!" As often I responded: "Oh, no! I am enjoying it." HA HA!)

I have taken summery pics of the Southern parts of Helsinki, near my work before (here and here) . So, here's two pics from today. I think i just missed the best light and it was too cold to take them, but still it's something to remember in July, I guess.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Happy New Year!!

Yes! Yet another year of great plans and promises. This year, I will (REALLY I WILL) start excercising! With a little help of my friend Cassey... I first got to know her in 2011 (!!!) and in a matter of a few years, she has become HUGE. Success.

I will be like THIS in no time! I WILL!
 Just a few of these...

More on Cassey on Wikipedia, YouTube and Facebook. Isn't she great?!