Thursday, October 22, 2015

Weekend Tripping

Hi there! My kids took to their dad's during the fall break and I took to Tallinn with Anne, a great friend of mine! She's been my friend like forever, can you believe it? We first met in 1990, so this year marks our 25th friendship anniversary. (Not that neither of us really cares about the math...)

Anyhow, the first time I ever visited Tallinn was also some 25 years ago, in 1989. It was a school trip at the very end of the Soviet era and everything was just so sad. All the buildings were ugly, all cars were Ladas and there was nothing one could eat, only Vodka. My worst memory ever is that my friend Maria and I got hysterical and could not stop laughing because it was all  so ugly. Seriously. We really struggled to keep up a serious appearance but young as we were, could not. Our teachers wanted to kill us.

Today Tallinn is absolutely beautiful! The old city is medieval BUT all the rest is from the 2020s - big time! Helsinki feels like an old s**thole after Tallinn. Great restaurants, coffee shops, stores, beauty salons and groceries. All at very-VERY friendly prices. Me likey type of place. Also, to get there on a boat, to stay one night in a hotel**** and a return cost Anne and myself €97 each. Nice, eh? Enjoy the pics.


Anne at the old city wall.

 I'll be back with the kids, PROMISE!

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