Monday, October 26, 2015

Five Years and Counting

I have had a BLOG for nearly five years! Although my enthusiasm and the initial reason to start blogging have gone trough changes, I have continued to feel the need to keep them posts coming. And believe it or not, I still do. Though this year has been my quietest ever...

As I realized it's been full FIVE years (and what an a m a z i n g time we've had!) I thought to actually do some LOOKING BACK. You are welcome to come along, if you wish. It will not be all easy - as God giveth and God taketh away... All in all, I think I have been able to keep what really counts.

MY FIRST EVER POST: was about us getting ready to move to the United States.
Here's also a hilarious VIDEO I recorded before our departure.
Remember, back then, I was married and full of hope: Everything would turn out fantastic as soon as we'd be in a new country, new continent, and in the absolute dream home we'd found. It was a dream come true on so many levels. At first the kids were not too happy... but I knew they would be fine, and was I right on that one!

In 2010, I was actually already a Queen of New Beginnings.
Little did I know that there'd be so many more beginnings to come...  

The kids' room at our arrival in the U.S..

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