Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I Wish...

I am trying to start hoping for things to happen, because that is the best way to make sure they do...

Right now, I'm already thinking of Christmas and of how little money I have, AND I'm hoping very very hard we'd be able to travel somewhere warm. If we won't be, it doesn't matter. We'll have a nice Christmas anyway.


These pictures are from Mexico, where I was in 2012.

Dinner Reminder

As I was again going through old posts, I found some great ideas for a Halloween dinner. Maia is going to have some friends over for a sleep-over on Thursday, and guess who'll be cooking.

I am going to take some short-cuts here and there, but basically it will be a re-do of this magnific dinner party we once had in D.C.. Here's a reminder in pics - you'll find the recipes in the original post.

Monday, October 26, 2015


Ooohhhh, how we miss HALLOWEEN! We do celebrate it in Helsinki but it's nothing compared to the parties we had in 2011, 2012 or 2013!

In 2011 it was our first, Maia was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and Luis was Harry Potter. All the trick-or-treating thing was still a little scary for them... On our first, I was also so exited, I posted sneak peeks of our costumes :) and of our decorations AND pictures of the Halloween party at the school. Finally we got to the pictures of the night itself...

The year after, in 2012, I went to Maia's class for pictures, that year she was a mermaid and Luis was a zombie. In 2013, as you can see, we had come to the "next level" altogether, together with our friends who were visiting from Europe :)) Maia was a vampire, Luis was a werewolf and I was... Minnie Mouse :)))

Five Years and Counting

I have had a BLOG for nearly five years! Although my enthusiasm and the initial reason to start blogging have gone trough changes, I have continued to feel the need to keep them posts coming. And believe it or not, I still do. Though this year has been my quietest ever...

As I realized it's been full FIVE years (and what an a m a z i n g time we've had!) I thought to actually do some LOOKING BACK. You are welcome to come along, if you wish. It will not be all easy - as God giveth and God taketh away... All in all, I think I have been able to keep what really counts.

MY FIRST EVER POST: was about us getting ready to move to the United States.
Here's also a hilarious VIDEO I recorded before our departure.
Remember, back then, I was married and full of hope: Everything would turn out fantastic as soon as we'd be in a new country, new continent, and in the absolute dream home we'd found. It was a dream come true on so many levels. At first the kids were not too happy... but I knew they would be fine, and was I right on that one!

In 2010, I was actually already a Queen of New Beginnings.
Little did I know that there'd be so many more beginnings to come...  

The kids' room at our arrival in the U.S..

Friday, October 23, 2015

Life Hacks #4

If you travel a lot and have to buy gifts to those back home and if those back home already have EVERYTHING and if you don't always have all the money in the world, buy stuff from grocery stores from  foreign places as souveniers. I do that and it works great.

My kids love to get body wash, toothpaste, cookies and candy that are different from those we buy in Finland. Of course most products are multinational and sold everywhere but there are brands of local supermarkets and such cheap stuff to buy.

In Tallinn this October, I bought raspberry jam, tea, crackers, cookies, chocolate and candy. A week later, almost all of it is gone... Gladly, I took some pics at the store.


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Weekend Tripping

Hi there! My kids took to their dad's during the fall break and I took to Tallinn with Anne, a great friend of mine! She's been my friend like forever, can you believe it? We first met in 1990, so this year marks our 25th friendship anniversary. (Not that neither of us really cares about the math...)

Anyhow, the first time I ever visited Tallinn was also some 25 years ago, in 1989. It was a school trip at the very end of the Soviet era and everything was just so sad. All the buildings were ugly, all cars were Ladas and there was nothing one could eat, only Vodka. My worst memory ever is that my friend Maria and I got hysterical and could not stop laughing because it was all  so ugly. Seriously. We really struggled to keep up a serious appearance but young as we were, could not. Our teachers wanted to kill us.

Today Tallinn is absolutely beautiful! The old city is medieval BUT all the rest is from the 2020s - big time! Helsinki feels like an old s**thole after Tallinn. Great restaurants, coffee shops, stores, beauty salons and groceries. All at very-VERY friendly prices. Me likey type of place. Also, to get there on a boat, to stay one night in a hotel**** and a return cost Anne and myself €97 each. Nice, eh? Enjoy the pics.


Anne at the old city wall.

 I'll be back with the kids, PROMISE!