Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Imagine Helsinki

Okay, so here's something I have been working on lately with my cousin slash friend Ossi. We just started the project - have some 500 likes - and are very much feeling this. We feel we are doing the right thing in portraying refugees who have made it to Finland. Ossi is in charge of the photography and I interview and edit.

As much as for the refugees, we have dedicated our project to the people who have chosen to act to HELP the refugees instead of resorting to "anger talk" and racism or being afraid. Those are the proud and brave we also want to be.

WELCOME REFUGEES - bring along your personal stories - WE LOVE YOU!
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- How old are you?
- I’m 8.
- What position do you play?
- Midfielder.
- How good are you?
- I’m very good.
- What are you going to be at age 18?
- A lawyer.

My children’s names, Egli and Rajan, do not really mean anything. They are just names. Actually, they are combinations of the letters of my wife’s and my first names.

I can sew anything. Give me a sewing machine and I’ll do anything, really. I have hand-made things out of fabric since I was 15 years old. No one taught me, I am self-taught. The first thing I made as a teen, was an elaborate bed cover.

  Photos: Ossi Kajas  
Texts: Jenni Hakala

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