Monday, June 1, 2015


Oh lá lá, this Monday was sooo exceptional! Everything felt right: I left for work as the kids continued to sleep, walked to the tram stop my head in the clouds. At Starbucks, while awaiting my vanilla latte, talked to this man who was drawing and wearing the most envyable jewellery !!! and he said: "Are you an artist, too? Have a great summer."

As I walked out a smile on my face, I swear I could hear the sound of a lonely saxophone in the distance. As I passed by this large group of Japanese tourists, an American woman stopped me: Excuse me, is there a Starbucks somewhere near (as she saw me holding the cup) and I responded in my LOUDEST American: "Yeah! Keep walking, can't miss it, and it's the only one in town."

Vibe - it is a funny thing what it does. To have a good one or to have a bad one.
PS. My summer vacation starts in 2 days....