Friday, May 29, 2015

The Apples of My Eye

Today, finally, at last, äntligen, enfin, it was the last day of school. Yesterday, it felt like the heaven (and the dishes as well as the laundry) was comming down on us... but now it is time to *sigh*, big time. Especially for Luis, who finishes Elementary School.

I must say: I  am so proud of my little ones. They are so smart and preppy. They have - schoolwise - been very good this year like all the previous years. Good grades and behaviour. Despite of the recent changes we've been through.

I simply love them to bits. Mr. Luis, I mean Dr. Luis Maurin (Harvard) and Ms. Maurin Maia, Attorney of law (Yale Uni). LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Lovelies, you've deserved your holidays!

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