Saturday, February 28, 2015

Maia turned TEN

Maia's birthday falls on January, every year. For some reason she had come to think I NEVER EVER bought her a REAL birthday gift - as the past 4-5 years our family has been on the move and often big changes have happened in January and her birthday has kinda been - if not forgotten - celebrated in odd circumstances like us knowing no one or having no furniture,,,

Therefore, this year, I decided to do something about this childhood-ruining memory lane of hers and get her something really special. And I did.

You should have seen her face! When she realized Luis and I had not gone to the supermarket but had sneaked out to get her present, which Luis carried in his arms. (You should have also seen my mother's face, who was around that day, but that's a whole another story...)

Nasu (Piglet) is now a full member of this family. And especially attached to my mother... :D

Oh, and how's Bambi dealing with the newcomer? Wanna see her face? Yeah, well.... 

"I thought we already had A DOG..."

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