Saturday, February 28, 2015

January 2015

On January 4th in 2015, we had survived exactly one year back home. Time for some reflection, sure. This is mine: both kids have their private, own versions along my experience.

It has been a year of transition, not easy but not altogether horrid either. We have come together, and have enjoyed especially being so close to our family. Helsinki is both a rough and a forgiving place to live in. The weather (OMG), the early mornings, the passive-aggressive attitude of strangers... But then the clean air, pure water, blue blue skies and calm and safety we can trust on almost 100%.

The kids can take the public transport alone to their hobbies, hang out in malls with their friends and meet me up downtown after I finish work. Everything is just a few kilometres away anyway. The joy of a small town - and yet, it is the capital of our nation.

We have started to feel less like outsiders, more home in our own circles. We love our home and the times we are gathered together (not least cause we bought a movie projector at the airport in Baltimore last summer...), to watch movies and eat "lose candy".

This was pretty much how I felt all January...

That dude could have been me out with the dog.

This is closer to actual human habitat, thus the lighting.

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