Friday, February 27, 2015

It Has Been Awile

...since I last wrote anything on my dear blog. I think it is a series of reasons come together and maybe for no reason at all, that I so neglected "Piece": new job, tiredness, 3-month-flu, followed by ear infection one month after (damn public transport, I guess...)

A lot has happened at home, we got a new DOG, I have a few new projects, including one charity thingy and tons of new 70's stuff from flea markets. I also became a SPOTTER again. And, and, and...

The kids are growing, spring is advancing, soon it's summer.. I need to rewind a little it seems. But not sure how coherent it will all be - see, I have a little fever and am off work for the 4th day. Today was my first day up from bed really. I went out with the dogs and saw that a lot of the snow had melted. Maybe that's what made me better. Or will make me better, together with these....

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