Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Oh, What an October!

I have had a helluvan October, actually. I started a new job, and have been so submerged by all the new stuff, new colleagues, office culture and surroundings, new season, new commute (tram and metro) but most of all, I have just been SO happy! And I mean my-feet-have-barely-touched-the-ground-happy, you know.

I addition, I travelled for 4-5 days to D.C. to arrange some biz there, and organized a NAIL STUDIO at Luis's Camp School fundraiser at my return. I gave my mom a 30 minute nail specialist training and off we went. We did nails for 4 hours non-stop. Our customers were mostly teens i.e. a thankful bunch of first-timers, mainly. Great great FUN!

As a side-project I started an Instagram account on the ashtonishingly extreme ugliness of the month of October in this side of the town I now work. Project name: "ugliest work commute ever" kind of. But really, so ugly, it´s already got some beauty to it. Enjoy!

In addition to the aforesaid, snow landed already on this side of the planet, yahoo (not!) AND I may have also gone "slightly" overboard with my flea hobby... but shall go into depths with that a little later...

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