Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stripes & Seventies

I have gone completely gaga over the flea markets here in Helsinki, as you already know. But what you might not yet know, like something worse..., is that it is ALL about the 70s in this house now. And I mean PLASTIC, and I mean REAL 1970s vintage stuff. (My mom is horrified!)

But I love it, and realize that doing this, has been my long-lasting dream. Like: When the kids are old enough not to break EVERYthing. (Turns out we are not quite there yet...) But, bet you cannot wait any longer. Pics!
This green plastic ISKU beauty has been saved by someone from the Tax Office in Kouvola, no kidding.

Just something about stripes, it seems, that I like.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Oh, What an October!

I have had a helluvan October, actually. I started a new job, and have been so submerged by all the new stuff, new colleagues, office culture and surroundings, new season, new commute (tram and metro) but most of all, I have just been SO happy! And I mean my-feet-have-barely-touched-the-ground-happy, you know.

I addition, I travelled for 4-5 days to D.C. to arrange some biz there, and organized a NAIL STUDIO at Luis's Camp School fundraiser at my return. I gave my mom a 30 minute nail specialist training and off we went. We did nails for 4 hours non-stop. Our customers were mostly teens i.e. a thankful bunch of first-timers, mainly. Great great FUN!

As a side-project I started an Instagram account on the ashtonishingly extreme ugliness of the month of October in this side of the town I now work. Project name: "ugliest work commute ever" kind of. But really, so ugly, it´s already got some beauty to it. Enjoy!

In addition to the aforesaid, snow landed already on this side of the planet, yahoo (not!) AND I may have also gone "slightly" overboard with my flea hobby... but shall go into depths with that a little later...