Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Life Hacks #1

I thought about starting a new series called Life Hacks in my blog. I already have some "series" like Fave Day and I Am Wearing... definitely need at least one more. Maybe even a few more.

I will try to keep track of the number of my Hacks as I keep posting. I'll be more FUN. Right?

 An easy way to make your bathroom smell more inviting: one drop of Lavender Oil inside the toilet paper rolls. You may choose another scent if lavender is not your favourite. Mine it is.

Pics are taken by me in San Francisco in 2012.

Mad Sky

Yesterday, I was off work and went to the center of Helsinki for a bit. Had an appointment with ophtalmologist and had lovely lonely lunch at Tamarin with a great thai lunch buffet.

It was kinda funny: sunny and rainy at the same time. Took these photos on my way to the tram stop.

Psst. Remember my post Early Bird from July 17th?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Aah, Nueva York!

I was just sharing my TOP TEN of NYC with some Spanish friends of friends' who're planning to spend their honeymoon in New York City. And I got into missing the place so! Love the city and WILL be going there soon myself!

Here's my TOP TEN express links, for now. My plan is to get ten more (new) places to share the next time as this is getting somewhat repetitive - I always go to the same sitios!

Image from HERE

1. Century 21
2. High Line
3. Robert
4. Plaza Food Hall
5. Sephora
6. Brooklyn Flea
7. Coney Island
8. Guggenheim and MoMa
9. Strand Bookstore
10. Pretzel carts

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Simply the Best

Better than all the rest! These two brandless products - or rather of one chain market's own brand - are so excellent! They elevate every salad experience into another sphere altogether. What can I say.

Pirkka dark balsamico & Pirkka nutmix for salad. Njam!

Monday, August 11, 2014

"Photos of Bambi!"

My kiddies have been in Spain for weeks now and I miss them so much! I would have missed them even more if I didn't have Bambi to keep me company. The kids must have missed me, too. But not half as much as they missed Bambi. Every time we spoke on the phone, they went, "send photos of Bambi!" And I did send them photos.