Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sugar Less is More

Fourth day on South Beach... Feeling already a little lighter BUT craving for SUGAR. Kicking one's sugar addiction is tricky, it takes about a week, or two. Sugar is just so... sweet and I know my family's been answering its sirenic call for too long. Time to stop our ears with wax and/or tie ourselves to the mast!

Actually, the funny thing is, I don't use actual sugar (as am not much of a baker) much. We don't add it to anything really. One bag of sugar lasts for ages. Still, we get LOADS of it - and not only from the sweets, lattes and chocolate milks (Nutella doesn't count, of course...) but also from products where it's hidden, and sometimes in masses.

Warning: GRAPHIC content!

Like thousands, I also saw this image on Facebook by Mari Suomalainen.
The following picture is from the blog Get fit, Stay healthy. The message is pretty clear. I mean, Activia yoghurt, pear cider and salad dressing, why are you doing this to me?!

Energy drink 16 pieces, kids juice 7 pieces... G'sus!!!

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