Monday, July 14, 2014

South Preaching...

After the kids left for their summer break with daddy, I went on south-beaching mode. Again. Being on a diet is so much easier without having to buy kid appropriate food and having to cook two warm meals a day. It's not so easy to offer carrots and hummus for breakfast to your young, when pancakes and Nutella exist... 

So, THIS is how my plate will look for the next month (at least).  I have had good results with low carb diets before and expect the same now. Am also going to work out. A little. Bike, walk, swim...

For those interested..., yesterday, I ate:

Bfast: Three big carrots with hummus, a few slices of ham
Lunch: Tomato+mozzarella salad with nut mix, two fried eggs
Snack: Handful of cashew nuts
Dinner: Tomato+mozzarella salad with nut mix, 4 slices of crispy bacon
To drink: 4-5 litres of water

There's nothing better than tomato-mozzarella salad with nuts.
Except tomato-mozzarella salad with nuts WITH BACON.
Sorry about the blurry picture, was in a hurry to attack this yummy portion...

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