Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Am Going To

After this very busy week, my kids will travel and stay with their dad for an entire month. I am "going to", ah, so much! For instance, I am going to:
- sleep
- listen to silence
- go back to sleep
- live on salads and smoothies
- bike around
- go for morning swim
- go to movies
- meet friends
- weekend travel
- paint house
- read 15 books
- do yoga
- do nothing
- learn Russian
- wash windows
- fix the lights in house
- wash rugs
- wash all bedding, dry it outside
- IRON sheets and clothes (last time possibly in 2002...)
- go berry-picking
- freeze berries
- be happy 
- start missing them...
- make pancakes for homecoming.

EDIT: I am going to "check" on these later. How many do you think I'll actually do?

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