Saturday, June 21, 2014

Soccer Soccer Soccer

Our vacation was to an extend conditioned by some very important soccer events. And then the "mundial" started... and counting...

Luis and I went to see the Spanish Team play El Salvador in DC. Luis didn't give up on negotiating on the (overly expensive) tickets... and we agreed he not get anything for a) his birthday in October and b) for Christmas.So, even I'd say it was worth it :D

The other event was Luis's DC team Wanderers' last game of the season where he was accepted to play as a guest. Wanderers won 2-0, which was not surprising as they have actually won ALL their games during the past two years :D

And here's a few from the Wanderers' game (Luis has blue socks),
from the brunch we had after the game and
from the soccer watching night at friends' house.
Thank you Coach Paul, Devon, Noah and Juliette for great times!

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