Monday, June 23, 2014

Boston: Tea Party Museum

While in DC, we took a two-day trip to Boston. Our favourite site there was this new museum. The Tea Party Museum and Boat were just a fantastic +one-hour experience. Although we're rather used to Americans making museum experiences lively, this still was a Happening.

The tour started with a secret meeting with fellow tea-partiers and we got identities of real people who participated as well as the native American disguises. The plan was to attack the greedy English, sneak onboard the boat and toss their precious tea overboard. And that we did, after we solemnly swore not to reveal the plan to anyone.

The rest of the Independence History came later in form of speaking portraits and a blood-stained film about the armed battles. Tea Party leader Samuel Adams was the unquestionable independence hero, and we later got a change to visit his grave, too.

Tea Party, Dec. 16th, 1773. More on wikipedia.
Sam Adams led us to this venture. More about him here.

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