Thursday, May 22, 2014

Favourite Day

Working from home office again. Outside, it is 20 degrees Celcius (Finnish summer has begun and from the open window I hear someone mowing the lawn somewhere.)

Inside the house, I am already feeling very productive as I've done so much so far: made breakfast for Maia, took Bambi out and walked Maia to school, jogged back home, made breakfast for Luis, gave him money for the field trip, answered emails and ordered a couple of translations for work. Read the first (important) half of the local rag, made a second cup of coffee, tidied the kitchen a little... Now, I'll just listen to the washing machine do its job and will do some more of mine - an article and a few press texts to write and a small survey on gender equality on our materials to produce - and just enjoy the beginning of the busy weekend ahead. LIFE is getting some of its sweet taste back, little by little.

Woof! Have a nice day!

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