Thursday, May 29, 2014

If we took a...


And we will. School ends tomorrow in Helsinki and we're off to our BEST FRIENDS who are actually FAMILY. I can't wait to see those lovely faces, to hear the giggle, to smell the asado, to breathe the air of a big city and to enjoy the heat and humidity! DC we're almost there! 
July 2012
 Just like always in these cases, we have an endless to-do list at this stage...

Dreams = True

Dreams DO come true*. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Or what do you say about this pair of photos, huh? The only difference is that the former looks classy and calm and the latter is in CONSTANT use and its top piled up with clothes... Well, am not complaining.


* Some good old paper money and hard handiwork may be needed in the process as well as a considerable amount of willing suspension of disbelief.

Balcony I

It is a cold, rainy day today. It's been  r e a l l y  cold for a few days BUT it SHOULD get warm again next week... My balcony has not been in so much use yet and is - very much like the rest of the house - unfinished. But the vista from the balcony is quite okay, right? 

Someone had dumped these two ol' fellows in the street.
We have a flag pole right in front of us. So when our nation's beautiful flag is up, you see it from our living room.

I think some bird dug up half of these flowers I planted... But it was too cold to start inspecting further.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Vote & Run Sunday...

OMG! What was I thinking! I ran 10 kilometres on Sunday.
Also, I voted for my candidate in the EU Parliament Elections.
 And watched Russia beat Finland in the hockey finals.
Gladly, life is not just weekends...

I know this is a horrible picture, but I am so PROUD of myself!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Flea City

We did some flea today, the whole of Helsinki did. Were not supposed to buy anything much. Ended up like some mules carrying home i.a. a frying pan, a new bag (I really don't have so many...), a dog bag (so that we can carry Bambi around...), two flower pots, some books, a basket...  

Maia was a shy buyer first, but got the hunch pretty fast. The weather was amazing and Kallio neighborhood was loaded with happy people. It is summer finally, and we llllllove it!

Today's event SIIVOUSPÄIVÄis organized twice a year in May and in August.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Favourite Day

Working from home office again. Outside, it is 20 degrees Celcius (Finnish summer has begun and from the open window I hear someone mowing the lawn somewhere.)

Inside the house, I am already feeling very productive as I've done so much so far: made breakfast for Maia, took Bambi out and walked Maia to school, jogged back home, made breakfast for Luis, gave him money for the field trip, answered emails and ordered a couple of translations for work. Read the first (important) half of the local rag, made a second cup of coffee, tidied the kitchen a little... Now, I'll just listen to the washing machine do its job and will do some more of mine - an article and a few press texts to write and a small survey on gender equality on our materials to produce - and just enjoy the beginning of the busy weekend ahead. LIFE is getting some of its sweet taste back, little by little.

Woof! Have a nice day!

Horse Power

I am not a big fan of "nature" which distinguishes me from most Finns, I guess BUT I must say our this week's team outing to a countryside riding resort was a blast. I found it  v e r y  relaxing. The weather was great and I don't think there's anything - except hot asphalt in a big city - more wonderful than pre-summer light-green fields and forests of my Northern homeland. On horseback.

We took off to the countryside with my colleagues to spend half a day on horseback. We rode in the woods for about 4 hours, had lunch on a camp site in the middle of nowhere. This is actually a customary thing to do back here in the woods... in case you were wondering.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

What I Found

Look, what I found in my camera. The result of my kids' secret cooperation. Heartwarming :)


Well, since I do not have much sunshine in my life right now, I am going to try to fix something I have some control over. I am going to (finally!) start a decoration project of my house on which I am going to dwell a little bit in this post.

We currently live in an apartment of approx. 80m2: two bedrooms, 1½ bathrooms, a hallway, a living room, a large kitchen and a balcony. Everything looks pretty horrible right now. Everything looked even worse some weeks ago. I have done a lot of scrubbing but should still do a lot more scrubbing and maybe also wash the windows... (Maybe I'll have them washed.)

I have a lot of images in my mind and on my Pinterest boards... I don't have as much money as I'd like to have (for a complete make-over...) and I will basically have to start my hoarding process from zero after having had to leave so much stuff behind at the end of last year (sigh).

And - this is the main reason for my slight depression over the last weeks - EVERYTHING has been so filthy, so ugly and so deprived of grace in the new house. Or, what would you say about the following sights?

Main bathroom "kiinteät kalusteet"...

Main bathroom shady laundry rack matches the walls.

Finnish innovation: plates' drying cabinet. There's just a tiny issue, perhaps...

The bathroom walls under the cabinets was not excactly what I would call "clean".

The rest of the bathroom? Nope, not very clean either.

Air conditioning...
You could put your clothes in here. In a plastic bag you could!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Home Office

This could well become the new "Favourite Day", actually...

Only recently, I started working from home, approximately one day a week, depending on the situation at hand at the office. So far, after some minor technical problems got sorted out, it's been some success story all the way.

Today for example, I walked the kids to school at 8 AM, came back to my steaming coffee cup and kitchen table and did a day's work while listening to the washer and dryer do their deeds in the backround. Now it's 6 PM and I need to get out a bit. Do groceries. Despite the freezing cold and rain.

This is the view from my kitchen window. The grass is green but that's about it.