Friday, March 7, 2014

Postcards From Abroad

Hi there! I traveled to Sweden with Luis and Maia some 10 days ago. Here's some pics from the beautiful city of Stockholm. The weather was not very good and we only had one short day to visit (but the best guide!) AND still it was sooooo worth it.

The kids L O V E D the ferry. They didn't remember much of our earlier "Sweden-boat" trips, many years ago. Maia said: "Oh, I wish we could stay on the boat for a whole week!" Well, we all know it'd be such an inhuman thing to impose on anyone... but I kinda guesssed this trashy way of traveling would "talk" to my offspring...

Anyway, it was a great trip! Loved it  - ate well, drank some Prosecco (sorry Tupu, I'm back to my trashy habits), took pics and shopped some deco (@Muji) and make-up items (@& Other Stories).



Bye Stockholm! We'll be back next summer!

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