Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Northern Finland

I took a short biztrip to Northern Sweden and Finland in the delightful company of some old and new colleagues and business and administration representatives. A very real reminder of many things: long distances in this godfors... I mean blessed country and genuine Northern people for instance.

A reminder of our agrarian past and our very industry-based economy, which has proven so successful in the past, which has paid great dental care and and excellent education for all of us. Forestry, paper and pulp, steel, IT and games. Energy intensive mostly, the pride of our country.

The plane was small and noisy. The airports here are the size of a regular gas station...
This is the Gulf of Bothnia. You can see ice rafts and an ice frosting near the shore.
This mill in Kemi was founded in 1893.
Kemi-Tornio has a population of about 60.000 people.

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