Thursday, February 20, 2014

New York Revisited

The travel theme continues on the blog... and in my head. I can't wait to get onboard the Silja Symphony next week, and I can't forget our last visit to NYC. In December 2013. With a really great crew of lovely lovely people. Would so do it again. Anytime! Thank you, Gloria, Paulina and Max!

My friend Gloria and I took a trip to NYC with the kids x 4 !! right after Christmas.
Whooow! Times Square!!!
We arrived mid-day and walked through Times Square

It was VERY crowded everywhere, especially Fifth Avenue.
But.. we were brave enough to swim into that SEA of people for the obligatory pics.

We travelled by bus, stayed overnight, ate in an Irish Pub, we skated, shopped (and window shopped),walked and walked and walked and even visited the MoMa. It's not like we were there for the first time, huh! See more of NYC with kids: HERE, HERE and HERE.

Maia's fave store!
Macy's Holiday Windows.
Time to go! Did we fall asleep in the bus? Take a wild guess.

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