Monday, January 20, 2014

It Ain't Easy

You did think, didn't you, that I might stop blogging now. No no nou, I won't.

It has been yet another year that strarts with a good ol' STRUGGLE. "It's all about life choices...", as my dear mother would certainly remind me... BUT yes, new hoods, new house, new job (well, old but so... new) new city, new life style.

We left Washington DC and so much left us. I think of all my friends daily, I lament all the things and objects I had to leave behind and try to cope with all the FEELINGS that this life altering exprience brings.

The kids, I assume, are going through their own struggle. They have to be super alert all day and they have a bunch of new responsibilities. But we're all very STRONG and we'll make it. One day.
Did I forget somebody?
Our Bamboo travelled with us and is coping great!


  1. Tervetuloa Suomeen! :) Ja paljon tsemppiä sopeutumiseen <3

  2. Good luck with the transition as everyone said to us about year a ago...
    Ottaahan tuo aikansa, mutta ei tää Suomi nyt niin paha maa ollutkaan!

  3. Kiitos ystävät, thanks friends! I am sure in a year all the difficulties will fell very small :)