Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, At Last!

Well, it was a pretty awesome year again. But, I must admit, December was not exactly the best part of it... It was rather a december horribilis, to be honest.

Why? Let me tell you. I haven't even been capable of doing this earlier... We almost lost Bambi :(
Bambi is resting on Christmas Eve. On my bed of course :D

Our love of all times, doggy dog Bambina got hit by a car as she ran - she is a stuuupidest lil dog alive - to the street chasing birds. Somehow ONLY her left eye got hit and it swell instantly and ...even though we ran to the vet in less than 20 minutes, there was nothing that could be done to save the eye. I cried MY eyes out as I was caring for her before the crucial operation - for some reason the kids were a lot more pragmatic about it. "Two eyes are better but she'll be fine with just one and we'll love her anyway!"

So Bambi became our best Christmas present. "Thank you God, that we got to keep her", is a sentence much in use in our  home... My heart still hurts when I think of how close we might have been to losing her, it would really had destroyed a lot for us. We LOVE her so much. Or "even more than before" as Luis - the real owner of the fluffy ball - frequently says.

It was a scare for me, I guess, and a reminder of what is important in life. Health, and safety of the little ones. And I took this lesson very seriously. And I am thankful rather than resentful.

As for bambukka, the vet says she'll do good: we just had the stitches taken off. She's very much herself, maybe a little more barky and scared of everything. She seems to be protecting us a lot :)

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