Friday, January 31, 2014

I Am Wearing Friday


Corduroy pants DNKY Jeans
Velour sweater Verona (Target...)
T-shirt Zara
Scarf Moschino
Boots Franco Sarto

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


When I was young, Wednesday was called Small-Saturday... Not anymore though. Now it is just Wednesday,  or "Midweek" in Finnish, when Saturday seems like a distant dream...

Hang in there, friends! Hang in there!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Finnish School

We cannot help staring at her. She is about 14 years old, and has a long, blond hair. She is wearing skinny jeans and woollen, knitted socks and she carries a school bag as she walks alone by us in the Arabia Elementary and Middle school corridor that very morning we are there to meet the principal.

For all three of us, Luis, 11, Maia 9 and myself, 42, she epitomizes the super carefree coolness of the oh-so-famous Finnish School. We feel she must be very special to have been assigned so much personal freedom and responsibility!

We all wanna stay in this place for the rest of the day! Especially me, and especially as the odors of daily, free, healthy, warm school lunch being prepared in the school cantine are starting to get more noticeable. Thank heavens two of us get to stay: Luis becomes a fifth grader and Maia makes it to the third grade (after some testing she manages to carry out excellently!)

Reactions after the first day
"Mom, you know, after each class we get 10 minutes to do whatever we like!"  (Luis on recess...)
"Mom, can I have this little bag to carry my phone and a little change for healthy snacks in the afternoon, can I, please?" (Maia on necessary accessories.)

Test results are encouraging 
I mentioned, that Maia was tested as she would normally have gone to 2nd grade in the Finnish system, and because her Finnish was not so good anymore. She, however, did all the math and reading at "grade level" as the mantra goes. The person testing her also pointed out that she had remarkable maturity as to assessing her own situation :)  

Also Luis got 9 and 9- in math and 10 in history exams, on the scale from 4 (fail) to 10 (excellent) in the first couple of weeks. His math skills were those acquired at Bancroft, a DC public school. It seems American school is not so crappy after all... Which is actually what I have been saying all along the way!!!

Luis made only 3½ mistakes in his first math test.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Avocado Pasta

Image from Maistuu makialle food blog.
No, I am not joking. It is cold and I think about food 98% of the time I'm awake. Probably 100% when I'm asleep. And why wouldn't someone who wants to dress and decorate trendy, also eat trendy. Avocado pasta it will be! This weekend.

I found this recipe from a Finnish food blog called Maistuu makialle. Sounds nice! I'm also getting some new plates from a neighbor - a series for 20 bucks! We have this Facebook group for recycling in the neighborhood (Arabianranta kierrättää) and finding deals is super easy and FUN.

Casual Friday

I just WISH it was warm enough in Helsinki for some of this casual chicness already... Maybe in five months or so... Well, Happy Friday, anyway!

Image from Pinterest
Ps. My home deco ideas have gone seriously black&white... More to come...

Monday, January 20, 2014

It Ain't Easy

You did think, didn't you, that I might stop blogging now. No no nou, I won't.

It has been yet another year that strarts with a good ol' STRUGGLE. "It's all about life choices...", as my dear mother would certainly remind me... BUT yes, new hoods, new house, new job (well, old but so... new) new city, new life style.

We left Washington DC and so much left us. I think of all my friends daily, I lament all the things and objects I had to leave behind and try to cope with all the FEELINGS that this life altering exprience brings.

The kids, I assume, are going through their own struggle. They have to be super alert all day and they have a bunch of new responsibilities. But we're all very STRONG and we'll make it. One day.
Did I forget somebody?
Our Bamboo travelled with us and is coping great!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Catching Up on Christmas

I did not send any cards or gifts to anyone. And I don't feel great about it. I have been so busy with the upcoming move - yes, we're MOVING BACK TO FIN in JANUARY - that I think my head is exploding with all the endless to-do lists...

Our Christmas was pretty low-profile in-white-n-beige hues, too. But I did fix some goodies and gifts for the kiddies, I actually do love this time of the year...
Image from Facebook friends' feeds...

New Year, At Last!

Well, it was a pretty awesome year again. But, I must admit, December was not exactly the best part of it... It was rather a december horribilis, to be honest.

Why? Let me tell you. I haven't even been capable of doing this earlier... We almost lost Bambi :(
Bambi is resting on Christmas Eve. On my bed of course :D

Our love of all times, doggy dog Bambina got hit by a car as she ran - she is a stuuupidest lil dog alive - to the street chasing birds. Somehow ONLY her left eye got hit and it swell instantly and ...even though we ran to the vet in less than 20 minutes, there was nothing that could be done to save the eye. I cried MY eyes out as I was caring for her before the crucial operation - for some reason the kids were a lot more pragmatic about it. "Two eyes are better but she'll be fine with just one and we'll love her anyway!"

So Bambi became our best Christmas present. "Thank you God, that we got to keep her", is a sentence much in use in our  home... My heart still hurts when I think of how close we might have been to losing her, it would really had destroyed a lot for us. We LOVE her so much. Or "even more than before" as Luis - the real owner of the fluffy ball - frequently says.

It was a scare for me, I guess, and a reminder of what is important in life. Health, and safety of the little ones. And I took this lesson very seriously. And I am thankful rather than resentful.

As for bambukka, the vet says she'll do good: we just had the stitches taken off. She's very much herself, maybe a little more barky and scared of everything. She seems to be protecting us a lot :)