Monday, November 11, 2013

Halloween Pixx

[insert excuses for not having shown my nose in the blog lately here]

[insert "words cannot tell how much fun we had this Halloween" here] [let pixx tell here]

My old old old friend Mirka and her family of four came to D.C. for a visit just in time for Halloween.We had a great 10 days filled with the ambiance of 8 people living in our one-bedroom apartment - 4 adults and 4 kids - plus the dog and the guinea pig [insert expression of extreme thankfulness of the death of the hermit crabs here]

The zombie theme elaborated by our pre-teens...
They spent days and days planning the costumes (ripped T-shirts) and make-up and Hawaii accessories...

Our distinguished guests: Mme and Monsieur.

Finnish girls FOEEVAAAAAA!

Adult costumes were more or less fusion this year.
Jay was "George Washington turns pirate" and I was "Minnie on steroids"

Greedy zombie.

Yoda.. I mean Bambi was sulking and did not want to pose for photos.

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