Monday, November 18, 2013

GG by American Apparel

The good things about this season are so many!

I love the dark. It calls for candles and, even better, Christmas lights.
I love the food. The lasagnas, lamb chops, mashed potatoes, pasta and soups with Brie cheese.
I love the warm air of the heater on my skin after a freezing shower...
I love the walks with my dog and seeing the trees go all colors.
I love the TV sessions with my kids and the cups of tea.
And I love the awaiting of Christmas.

I'd also love the shopping BUT... Some time ago already, I went From Prada to Nada. Well, now it's rather From Prada to Absolutely Nada. (Luckily we're in Amurikkah: Holiday Bargain Sale!)

...I love these GIFT GUIDES. See MORE of this one by American Apparel...

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