Monday, November 18, 2013

Mirka & the Monuments PART II

We kept getting wiser each day, as my friend Mirka and her family from Brussels were visiting.

This Monument visit was "adults only" and took place on a particularly beautiful Sunday morning. We walked by the Vietnam War Memorial (been there) to the Lincoln Memorial (been there) with its Reflecting Pool finally - after some two years of renovations - filled with water and all pretty.



Mirka & the Monuments PART I

I still have some unpublished photos from a few weeks ago when my friend Mirka and her family were visiting us. We went to all the usual suspects and here comes a roll - or two - from the MLK (also featured here) and the Tidal Basin (also featured here) and the Jefferson Memorial (not featured previously although visited many times.)

You can take a girl outta America, but she'll be back!!!

Can't say the kids were too anxious to see all this.
We did hear some monumental whining along the walk...
Jefferson. Booriing!

O-kay, let's go! MOM!!!

GG by American Apparel

The good things about this season are so many!

I love the dark. It calls for candles and, even better, Christmas lights.
I love the food. The lasagnas, lamb chops, mashed potatoes, pasta and soups with Brie cheese.
I love the warm air of the heater on my skin after a freezing shower...
I love the walks with my dog and seeing the trees go all colors.
I love the TV sessions with my kids and the cups of tea.
And I love the awaiting of Christmas.

I'd also love the shopping BUT... Some time ago already, I went From Prada to Nada. Well, now it's rather From Prada to Absolutely Nada. (Luckily we're in Amurikkah: Holiday Bargain Sale!)

...I love these GIFT GUIDES. See MORE of this one by American Apparel...

Monday, November 11, 2013

Halloween Pixx

[insert excuses for not having shown my nose in the blog lately here]

[insert "words cannot tell how much fun we had this Halloween" here] [let pixx tell here]

My old old old friend Mirka and her family of four came to D.C. for a visit just in time for Halloween.We had a great 10 days filled with the ambiance of 8 people living in our one-bedroom apartment - 4 adults and 4 kids - plus the dog and the guinea pig [insert expression of extreme thankfulness of the death of the hermit crabs here]

The zombie theme elaborated by our pre-teens...
They spent days and days planning the costumes (ripped T-shirts) and make-up and Hawaii accessories...

Our distinguished guests: Mme and Monsieur.

Finnish girls FOEEVAAAAAA!

Adult costumes were more or less fusion this year.
Jay was "George Washington turns pirate" and I was "Minnie on steroids"

Greedy zombie.

Yoda.. I mean Bambi was sulking and did not want to pose for photos.