Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Am Wearing - Parka

Chilly fall is here! Luckily, the temperatures are still hanging around 20 Celcius, give or take. Still, it's time for some FALL FASHION. (Zara's most recent LOOKBOOK has oh, so preeeetty stuff, for those of you who can afford that level of luxury...)

Personally, I shop at Marshall's and a lot less than before, despite my eight jobs (you do the math...). This "find" was 40 dollars and it is just cool enough and just warm enough for just now.

I usually tend not to go this shade of green as with my short hair it often gives me the 'military lesbian' look I rather try to avoid at whatever cost. No offense.

Remember these Ray Ban shades? They're still very much alive.
Remember these shoes?

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