Monday, June 10, 2013

Mumma hummailee PART IV

My mom spent some time with us - from the end of March until beginning of June... It was not the first time as you know, know and know. And it was again oh, so great to have her here!

While my mom was here, I could go back to being like in my 20's again (and I did!), free as a bird, no strings attached. Kids? Maybe one day...

Yep! Now it's reality-bites-time for this 20-year-old again: Preteen tantrums, hours at pools and water parks eating sun-melted sandwiches..., early nights and earlier even mornings... BUT nevertheless, LOVE it! it's SUMMER and here's a random compilation of the things we did...

It was still cold as in Russian hell... and we awaited for warmer days, each in their own way.


Along came the first signs of spring, and finally the BLOSSOMS! A lot of photographing as I had the Spotted by Locals assignment underway, kids' hobbies, fundraisers, my crazy hours as a waitress in Mari Vanna...
Two maniacs in Georgetown...

Maia's performance at Sitar Arts Center fundraiser at Mexican Cultural Center

DC Annual Sakura Matsuri Festival
Both of my kids now want to "work as a waiter" as they grow up...
Kids at school, me at work, my mom escaped her grim reality of a 24/7 babysitter to the streets and Museums of DC... to get ideas for her art, to enjoy the colors and to feel the vibe of a big city.

One morning I woke up to some serious "stsirping" of some chicks... We had Rosa (Parks) and Abigail (Adams) for the loooong Memorial weekend! And then there was Luis's STAR performance as Willie Wonka in his school's musical Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory... AND we visited an Indian POWWOW in Charles, Maryland.

Embassies' Open Doors Day
Cinco de mayo at the Mall
A rare family outing... (The kids behaved like some retards! My mom's smile is forced...)

Baby chicks Rosa and Abigail on my arm and my chest... Nice :/
LOL! Bambi found a shady spot!!! (pic above)
So much in common!
Gladly, I was at work when these scenes took place...
All in all, we ALL miss her so very much BUT take a wild guess, WHO misses her most?

Mumman mölkökoila, ronttipeä!

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