Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Waitress Diaries: When It Goes Wrong

I have worked as a waitress for a month now, enjoyed every bit of it, made great friends and laughed a lot. One BIT I did not enjoy though.. One BIT did not make me laugh (rather cry..), and this BIT happened last Sunday, after an inhuman three-day-shift I had behind me. In those moments you just hope you could REWIND the last few seconds and make it all good again. Except that you can't. 

I SPILLED white wine on a female customer's pants and her leather bag. She was surprisingly cool about it and I still got a nice tip from that table. After that, my colleagues and I compiled a list of the WORSE things they'd gone through and LAUGHED, omg, soooo MUCH!

1) spilled Prosecco on a guy's shoulder all over his fancy suit

2) drop three (3) glasses of red on a tray on top of a customer's WHITE pants, in the process of which the glasses all broke into pieces (imagine the aftermath...)

3) (my personal favourite) dropped a knife on a pregnant lady...

We serve borscht (beetroot soup), oysters, sticky cocktails, vodka and RED wine... Welcome to Mari Vanna!!

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  1. Nää oli hauskoja - vaikkakaan eivät varmasti tapahtuessaan :D. Itse aina ihmettelen, että tarjoilijoille tapahtuu niinkin vähän tällaisia, kun katselen heitä kiikuttamassa viinilaseja ja täpötäysiä tarjottimia ihmisvilinässä. Eli tsemppiä sinne, ei varmasti ole helppoa :).