Friday, May 17, 2013

I Am Wearing - Summer!

I had a day off today, and the most productive thing I did so far was this: I got them sunglasses I wanted!

Boundaries No More BS

Life has proven to be harsch on me, hence the more-than-a-week-long silence also in the blog, as I now work "part-time" (day and night) in the restaurant. The rest of the time, I interview people or sleep. I have little time to actually write. Which could be a problem. If I weren't simply too tired to give a fuck.

I have recognized this need to toughen the fuck up. And I have. Decided to do just that. No more St. Jenni Maria at all times. I'm a mega-bitch with some serious attitude now!

Want my advice as to HOW to become one? Like some spicy Facebook groups (see below the pic), and "meditate" their content every morning as you wake up. There you go! 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I Am Wearing - Päivän asu

It was a cold and rainy morning today as I headed for work.

So, I wore my rubber boots I bought in Belgium one hundred years ago.

I was aiming at this Kate Moss look.

Again and again... 
Just love her style!

Picture of Kate is from this great style blog.

Friday, May 3, 2013

I Want: Just Two Things

I really really really WANT these two cositas now. Because I need them.
Image from here

Image from here

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Waitress Diaries: When It Goes Wrong

I have worked as a waitress for a month now, enjoyed every bit of it, made great friends and laughed a lot. One BIT I did not enjoy though.. One BIT did not make me laugh (rather cry..), and this BIT happened last Sunday, after an inhuman three-day-shift I had behind me. In those moments you just hope you could REWIND the last few seconds and make it all good again. Except that you can't. 

I SPILLED white wine on a female customer's pants and her leather bag. She was surprisingly cool about it and I still got a nice tip from that table. After that, my colleagues and I compiled a list of the WORSE things they'd gone through and LAUGHED, omg, soooo MUCH!

1) spilled Prosecco on a guy's shoulder all over his fancy suit

2) drop three (3) glasses of red on a tray on top of a customer's WHITE pants, in the process of which the glasses all broke into pieces (imagine the aftermath...)

3) (my personal favourite) dropped a knife on a pregnant lady...

We serve borscht (beetroot soup), oysters, sticky cocktails, vodka and RED wine... Welcome to Mari Vanna!!