Thursday, April 18, 2013

It Is Official!

I have excellent news! I have been picked as a City Blogger for Washington DC for this fantastic website Spotted by Locals. Check it out online or simply upload the FREE iPhone/Android app.

"Spotted" is a Dutch company founded by Sanne and Bart. Their idea of a different kind of travel guide has become popular, the blogs have expanded to cover most European major cities, and NOW they're in North America! Or rather, they will be, for a visit, this May.

This couple now spends 6 months a year traveling and/or meeting "spotters". They interviewed me from Thailand via Skype. Cool, eh?

Direct LINK to my blog.

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  1. Ihana juttu, onneksi olkoon!! Olet loistava kirjoittaja ja osaat kirjoittaa maanläheisesti ja hauskasti kaikenlaisista asioista. Se taito on itse asiassa aika harvinainen. Kiva varmastikin saada uusia haasteita uudella mantereella ;)