Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Going Crazy for Tattoos...

Now that I work wiz Razans in the restaurant, I've just noticed that ALL my male colleagues have tattoos and many of the girls, too. I'm seriously thinking of A) learning to speak fluent Russian and B) getting a tattoo myself. Yes, I have gone crazy, I guess but it's not even the first time I dwell on the subject...

Image from Pinterest

Thursday, April 18, 2013

It Is Official!

I have excellent news! I have been picked as a City Blogger for Washington DC for this fantastic website Spotted by Locals. Check it out online or simply upload the FREE iPhone/Android app.

"Spotted" is a Dutch company founded by Sanne and Bart. Their idea of a different kind of travel guide has become popular, the blogs have expanded to cover most European major cities, and NOW they're in North America! Or rather, they will be, for a visit, this May.

This couple now spends 6 months a year traveling and/or meeting "spotters". They interviewed me from Thailand via Skype. Cool, eh?

Direct LINK to my blog.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

We ♥ Bambina

We have gone absolutely NUTS of our doggie dog Bambina. She has become a family member and I think she knows it, too. It is hard to remember how (easy) life was before we got her :D

She sleeps in our beds.

She plays with the kids' toys.

She - ooooommmm - walks on the table!

She gets regular baths and grooming.

Mostly, she just looks adorable, and guilty of chewing something....

Cherry Trees Blessed Us

This year - after three years of missing-it agony - we made it! We were able to be there exactly at the peak moment for the precious Cherry Blossoms. Unlike last year, when we barely saw one tree still in flower. This was hugely important to my mother especially, who traveled again to DC almost only for this.

Last Tuesday, early morning at 6 o'clock I took my family (incl. Bambi, the dog) to the Tidal Basin. The thing is to go early to see the sun rise over the basin, and the trees in the fair morning light, and also to avoid the biggest crowds. Somehow you just feel the appreciation people have for this ephemeral natural phenomenon.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Deadline (Fave Day...)

It is 10 PM on Monday. I worked the night shift on Sunday and the morning shift this morning. I have a deadline for some stuff TOMORROW. So, as you may now guess, I'm in the middle of this excruciating deadline induced inspiration beyond belief... aaaarrrrgghhhhhhhh!!!!

The image is from here.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Peak Postponed

We're still waiting the Cherry Blossoms here in DC. No peak is even near; we saw that yesterday as we went for a ride near the Tidal Basin. It's been so cold, the peak of these beauties has been postponed at least twice already. The blossoming is supposed to happen between April 6 - 10th. Can't wait!

In Macy's the Cherry Trees ARE blossoming already :))))