Thursday, March 28, 2013


I got so FED UP of being this poor, lonely, apathetic, push-over, jobless person, that I went and asked for work in a NEW restaurant near Dupont Circle. It is a Russian PECTOPAH called Mari Vanna, and I was absolutely delighted to start to work there last week. (Now I'm this rich, popular, energetic, brave, working woman again!)

The place is great, friends in DC, you must come! Warning: it is not cheap, it is kinda shabby chic! Also, it is the only way for you to see me in a Russian "peasant girl's" dress. Ever. I'll serve you enough vodka to forget about it...

My mom took some pics yesterday, as she came for some borch, tea and medovik.
Yes! She's visiting AGAIN, Thank Heavens!!!


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