Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

My mother is visiting DC again, and it is a "holiday season", again. Easter, Spring Break for the kids and next week the Peak of the Cherry Blossoms. Cameras are shooting and charging non-stop, newspapers are read from A to Z, all's being explored and documented... It's a family thing. Being fanatic. Reading, drawing, writing, scrap-booking, blogging...

There has also been a lot of church-going. For my mom is interested in virgenes, among one million other things. Talk about TRAUMA today: we went to "our own kind of" Protestant St. John's Church, aka the President's Church near our home - and even nearer to the White House - AND missed the Obama Family just by an hour or so. They came to hear the same sermon right after us. My mom almost had a stroke when we read the news today.

The photo is from here. The White House is behind them.
The White House is in front of us. The Church on the left.

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