Wednesday, March 6, 2013

From Jen to Anne

I think nothing or no one should separate a woman from her hairdresser. I was separated from mine (Michel Nathan in Rue St. Anne, Brussels) when I moved to Helsinki in 2000 (I visited him regularly though) and I was separated farther from him when I moved to DC in 2011, and thus HAD TO find a new one.

I think I went to cut my hair in three different places before I found Jamie, (Salon Cielo, Connecticut Ave, Dupont). Now I never go elsewhere, ever. Jamie knows more about my life than many by now, and he makes me happy. Today, our conversation went about like this:

Jenni: Did you watch the Oscars?
Jamie: Yes, I did.
Jenni: Anne Hathaway, please.
Jamie: Okay.

Anne's picture (left) at the 2013 Oscar Gala is from here :)

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