Monday, March 18, 2013


Yesterday, we watched the movie Chaplin (1992) with the kids. We've watched a couple of his movies: the Gold Rush (1925) -- the kids giggled like crazy! -- and King in New York (1957) -- they didn't get most of it... I recently watched one of my favourites, the Limelight (1952), by myself and promised to the kids we'd watch the Kid (1921) asap.

Watching Charlie Chaplin movies is a family tradition -- in my home we watched all of them (on VHS) over and over again, so that we knew them by heart, and could communicate using lines from the movies. I'm passing this tradition on, and am so happy to notice these movies are ever so brilliant, they convey the same feeling of humanity, from generation to generation. He was a genius!

The movie Chaplin ends in him receiving an Honorary Oscar in 1972. Watch the YouTube video of the real event and try not to cry.

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