Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

My mother is visiting DC again, and it is a "holiday season", again. Easter, Spring Break for the kids and next week the Peak of the Cherry Blossoms. Cameras are shooting and charging non-stop, newspapers are read from A to Z, all's being explored and documented... It's a family thing. Being fanatic. Reading, drawing, writing, scrap-booking, blogging...

There has also been a lot of church-going. For my mom is interested in virgenes, among one million other things. Talk about TRAUMA today: we went to "our own kind of" Protestant St. John's Church, aka the President's Church near our home - and even nearer to the White House - AND missed the Obama Family just by an hour or so. They came to hear the same sermon right after us. My mom almost had a stroke when we read the news today.

The photo is from here. The White House is behind them.
The White House is in front of us. The Church on the left.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


I got so FED UP of being this poor, lonely, apathetic, push-over, jobless person, that I went and asked for work in a NEW restaurant near Dupont Circle. It is a Russian PECTOPAH called Mari Vanna, and I was absolutely delighted to start to work there last week. (Now I'm this rich, popular, energetic, brave, working woman again!)

The place is great, friends in DC, you must come! Warning: it is not cheap, it is kinda shabby chic! Also, it is the only way for you to see me in a Russian "peasant girl's" dress. Ever. I'll serve you enough vodka to forget about it...

My mom took some pics yesterday, as she came for some borch, tea and medovik.
Yes! She's visiting AGAIN, Thank Heavens!!!


Monday, March 25, 2013

Rubber Boots

Another snow day! At the end of March! Had to hurry to work in the morning, and the day was not too exciting to be honest.

The two ONLY good things today: a) DCPS (DC schools) were not closed and b) I got to wear my favourite rubber boots.

Monday, March 18, 2013


Yesterday, we watched the movie Chaplin (1992) with the kids. We've watched a couple of his movies: the Gold Rush (1925) -- the kids giggled like crazy! -- and King in New York (1957) -- they didn't get most of it... I recently watched one of my favourites, the Limelight (1952), by myself and promised to the kids we'd watch the Kid (1921) asap.

Watching Charlie Chaplin movies is a family tradition -- in my home we watched all of them (on VHS) over and over again, so that we knew them by heart, and could communicate using lines from the movies. I'm passing this tradition on, and am so happy to notice these movies are ever so brilliant, they convey the same feeling of humanity, from generation to generation. He was a genius!

The movie Chaplin ends in him receiving an Honorary Oscar in 1972. Watch the YouTube video of the real event and try not to cry.

My Favourite Day

Motivation missing? Can't get your act together? Been there... uh, AM there. It is spring and one is supposed to burst with energy with the increasing light and warmer temperatures. Yesbut. Life is much much more complicated than that, it wouldn't be fun if there weren't "some" challenge, right...? Puuuuffff!

Image from Pinterest
I found this BLOG on Pinterest that focuses solely on organizing inspiration: Organizing Made Fun.
It offers inter alia FREE PRINTABLES and KIDS' CHORE CHARTS models. Worth trying? Dunno.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Women's Day!

I have spent the morning doing laundry and cleaning up the house -- it was A MESS!!! Now, the place is starting to look like a human habitat again, and I just had some lunch. Am seriously thinking of taking a NAP, actually...

You must HATE me.., but I DID WORK this week - I wrote altogether 4 articles (with photos) and took "a day off" today. To take the dog to the vet AND to clean up the house :D

I will get myself some FLOWERS later, when I go for the groceries - but first the NAP. Bye!

The image is from here

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

From Jen to Anne

I think nothing or no one should separate a woman from her hairdresser. I was separated from mine (Michel Nathan in Rue St. Anne, Brussels) when I moved to Helsinki in 2000 (I visited him regularly though) and I was separated farther from him when I moved to DC in 2011, and thus HAD TO find a new one.

I think I went to cut my hair in three different places before I found Jamie, (Salon Cielo, Connecticut Ave, Dupont). Now I never go elsewhere, ever. Jamie knows more about my life than many by now, and he makes me happy. Today, our conversation went about like this:

Jenni: Did you watch the Oscars?
Jamie: Yes, I did.
Jenni: Anne Hathaway, please.
Jamie: Okay.

Anne's picture (left) at the 2013 Oscar Gala is from here :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Ooops.. My Favourite Day

It's past 10 PM again, and I haven't even done with My Favourite Day post yet..., Weeks go by so fast, Monday came and Monday went. My favourite day, my favourite part of it. The night. Love Mondays!

Natascha Mair. Photo by Ronnie Boehm from Pinterest.

Beauty, strength, high standards. What else do you need?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Did I Say "Inspired"?

... In my last post about Coco Chanel, I think I used the expression "inspired". But I went all mad, actually. I had soooo much FUN doing this!!! GOSH, I''ve got to change the dress code at my home office. I am the boss after all, am I not!

Oh, Chanel!

I watched the film Coco avant Chanel (Coco Before Chanel), yesterday on dvd. And got so inspired by her style. I want some fashion, now!  (I instantly went through my closet for: black, white, grey, striped pieces, and the shoes that go with them. And oh, pearls, where are my pearls!)

And I want some of her guts: how could she lead such a courageous life! (If it isn't easy today, it sure wasn't easy back then!) How could she be such a visionary person! How could she find such pride in her being different from the others! How could she get done all that she did!

Remember this post and this post...

Te image is from here -- read her story.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Curls -- The Making Of

Today, it is Dr Seuss's Birthday and the kids needed to dress up as their favourite storybook character OR they could go to school in their pajamas. (For us parents, it's just sooo joyful to have all these "special days", hehe!! But you don't have the right to complain, so..) Maia's choise was some "Marianne", a girl with a pony and a best friend, from a piece of world literature yet un-known to me...

All she wanted was "curly hair and normal clothes". Phiufff... (So I got some rollers from the near-by Dollar Store for $1.49 and did what I could.)

Let's hope she will not want the curls done every day from now on... Happy Friday!