Thursday, February 28, 2013

Love Is All Around You

For some days, while driving in the city, I've noticed that many ONE WAY signs have been "vandalized".

The "ONE LOVE" signs just seem to be everywhere! I finally found out, it was an advertising campaign for an events organizer in DC: OneLoveMassive (They promise: good music, good people, good time). Here's a not-so-positive DCist article about the LOVE stickers. (The signs are "Cute, dangerous and illegal", they say.) This kind of discussion is very typical for DC -- well, with so many bright brains per square mile...! Cannot but LOVE this city!!

And here's a SONG to go with this post. Have a great day!
EDIT: Oh, there seems to be a "Free Bradley Manning" poster underneath the LOVE sign. Very DC that one, too :))
Columbia Road NW and 16th NW
(Oh yes, I do take photos when I'm driving...)

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