Sunday, February 10, 2013

Long Time No Ski - I Am Wearing

It's Finnish "laskiais-weekend" which means you have to go someplace and go down the hill or otherwise the crops will not come about all summer and you'll starve to death. That's our plan today. I haven't skied since last February, which for a Finn is quite a long stretch off the "planks" actually.

So, I took my fantastico uni-piece ski outfit out in the open from the moth ball sack, and here we goooooo... I bought it in London in Topshop some 5 years ago, so I guess it must be quite a fashion piece here in the States still :D

One too many visits to the Air and Space, perhaps hahhah!

The beauty of this piece is that you can crop it down like this when you go after-ski.

Oh, the Vitalis is for the scent. To get to the real laskiais-feeling, you know.
Oh, and the gray nail polish? Just a coincidence :))

I woke up early to make some sandwiches for the road. But the good thing about going on a trip with your Spanish EX is that his "8 o'clock sharp!" departure time is more like "a las nueve y media o algo por ahi"...
My beloved & almost worn out UGGs need an update, we all agree on that.

Have a beautiful weekend all of yous and see you tomorrow!!

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