Thursday, January 17, 2013

So Where Do I Work...?

At the moment I have a part-time-non-paid-volunteering-job at a non-profit called Ayuda. And it is great as I get to do communications (i.e. what I actually do for work) there. But as it doesn't pay, I've got to find other ways to get some Nutella on my pancakes. So, I do freelancing, freelancing, freelancing and more volunteering and volunteering, and accept all kinds of odd jobs while looking for something more permanent. And I don't actually mind that.

It is now so much easier with the work permit but still... I love the struggle though. I was getting rather too comfortable at my government permanent office, and this is a good (let's add: temporary) reminder of how it is out there, really. Me thinks.

I went to a briefing yesterday at the Foreign Press Center in Washington. This is how it is there.

The Official Inauguration Ceremony of Prez Obama is on Monday....

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  1. Hienoa! Manun sanoin: kyllä se siitä....
    Markku ja Ritva