Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On Tuesdays

On Tuedays I work for an organization called Ayuda. I was there today and ran late to school to drive Maia to her ballet class and while awaiting for her now, I still have a good feeling about my job today.

From 9 am to 3 pm, I did some filing of old print photographs. They were in a box and covered pretty much Ayuda's years from 1973 until today. There's almost nothing in the whole wide world I would rather do than file old photos! No kidding. It is so much FUN, and you cannot help feeling a bit sad at the same time.

Time. It flies. And we try to do all the good we can when it's our turn. Then others come and take their turn.
Today, as President Obama announced his new plan, immigration issues are ever so more topical.
And they've been that for a while as you can see...

This photo from Ayuda's files and Facebook page is from 1995, when the office was still located in Adams Morgan. Ayuda offered low-cost legal counselling on Mondays and Thursdays. Many were interested...

This is a recent photo of Ayuda's front door on it's Facebook page
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