Thursday, January 24, 2013

O-Ba-Ma!! O-Ba-Ma!!

We were there, well of course, because. I am a political junkie and my kids can't help being affected. (Luis knew more Finnish government members by name than most adult Finns by age 3), we have had important guests in our house and my kids think Michelle Obama actually sent me the Christmas wishes we have glued on our fridge door... And we were there early.

My plan was to have a complete reportage of the experience on my Facebook page, but in the crowds it was impossible to get a signal and then the battery of my iPhone died. I managed to send a picture of us in the middle of everything to all my family in Finland, Sweden and Belgium :)

The Inauguration Day of the 44th President of the United States of America:
For me this was as close you get the President of the United States, and as close as you get the "normal people" of the United States of America. God bless them both!

We arrived to the Washington Monument at around 7 am.

 The sun went up when we reached the White House.

Some had woken up earlier than us!!!
This was how it was at the Mall around 8 am. Five hours before the President was to appear!!

It was a looooong wait. But people were so kind to us! They asked where we were from and offered us "toe warmers" and "hand warmers"... Little did they know, we were wearing our woollen socks, of course!!

When you shake this baggy, it gets hot. A totally new product to us...
Someone also let Luis stand on his stool as the whole thing started, so he could see better.
This bag contained three phones, three cameras, some writing equipments, ID and cash.
We had snacks in a separate bag that we got rid of as we ate them all...

The enthusiasm was there as the President delivered his speech.

Isn't this somehow so heartwarming :))
It must have been the safest spot to be on at that particular moment in the whole world.

"I wanna see my President!"

This is how close we got.
Back at the White House on our way back.

There we actually did get a bit closer to him...


We could! I'm so proud of my kiddies!
We walked back home along the 18th Street.
What an incredible adventure! We'll remember this for the rest of our lives.

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