Friday, January 18, 2013

My "Bonnie Blue"

My baby girl Maia, our modern day Eugenia Victoria "Bonnie Blue" Butler, turned eight yesterday. Her own plans for her birthday celebration were double as costly and extravagant as the Presidential Inauguration this weekend... but we -- her blessed parents -- managed to tone those down a bit, and still she got:

- a CUPCAKE TREAT for all her class mates from Georgetown Cupcake (well, of course!)
- a PONY RIDING CLASS, at the Rock Creek Park Horse Center
- a JOINT DINNER with her long ago separated parents and Luis at Kramerbooks & Afterwords

She has also been promised a SHOPPING SPREE at Tysons Corner's huge American Girl Store. It's just that her doll McKenna needs a pony and some riding accessories... AND a SLEEPOVER on Saturday with her 3 best friends. My godness, can't wait her 13th birthday!

Just like Bonnie Blue, Maia knows which strings to pull....

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  1. myöhästyneet onnittelut ihanalle Maialle meijän perheeltä!