Monday, January 7, 2013

Mammogram, GO!

I went and had my first ever mammogram in December, and soon got the results: Everything is fine, nothing to be worried about. I think YOU should go and have one, too! Especially if you're over 40. I think we've all seen so much PINK by now that the awareness is there, but some of us still needed to take those steps and GO and have the check-up. It only takes about 20 minutes and doesn't hurt.

I had mine taken by this African-American lady who had, hhhmmm, a pair of enormous breasts herself and a very low voice. As she put my tiny tits (compared to hers...) between those plastic plates and took care the image covered the armpit area also, I felt I was in knowing hands. My insurance covered the costs, but I took a 3D-mammogram on my own expense for 50 dollars in addition to that. Just in case.

My father died of cancer when he was just 45 years old.

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