Thursday, January 17, 2013

From Nobody to Somebody

I'm sorry but I obviously just cannot get over this subject. I am a somebody finally! The United States of America sure is a nation hard to get in and even harder to stay in. I cannot be-lie-ve I've finally managed to get a Employment Authorization Card (work permit) and a Social Security Number here.

This sure feels wonderful and makes me walk more proudly in the streets of my home town. Ye-yey!

I also have other VITAL documents such as: a  Driver's Licence, Press Card, Health Insurance Card AND Membership to Lamont Video. Getting a Credit Card (see mine is still a Debit only...) at a local bank will be yet another struggle...

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  1. En ole tiennyt että on todella noin hankalaa saada kansalaisuus plus kaikki muu mitä asiaan kuuluu. Onneksi olkoon, olet aika rohkea nainen.