Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We Are One

I miss my children. I know they're having a great time - those greedy lil' things -- waiting for still more presents from the Reyes and spending time with their Spanish family. But you've got to have understood it by now: we are very very grown together, the three of us.

I became single mom when I was pregnant with Maia. Luis was 2 years old. (see a picture from summer 2005 here.) It's been ten (10) years now, and we've done so much together, been through so much together, travelled and explored together -- and watched a good deal of television together.

Next year I'm planning to be better mom to my kids: Cook healthy meals for them, give them more of my time, listen to them more, read books together and go sightseeing in this beautiful city we live in. And of course we'll still be watching a lot of their favourite episodes of teen comedies, too :)
Watching telly in July under the ceiling fan, when it was boiling hot in the house.
Luis is sitting closest to the disfunctional air-conditioning apparatus :)

Watching telly in October keeping warm as the temperature went down in the evening.

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