Friday, December 21, 2012


Yes, our Christmas came early and was fantastic. On the 24th 14th we had a cosy dinner at my friend Viviana's place and shared some presents there. As we were home and were trying to open our front door, it felt heavy... cuz Santa had left a big red bag of presents there! OMG, what a surprise! To think he came right when we were at Viviana's and he missed us! Better luck next year?

"Look mom, Pinky got some presents, too!!" (wooden chewing blocks..)

Maia with her McKenna - Girl of the Year 2012 :))

Ei tule varmaan yllätyksenä blogin lukijoille, että meidän lahjapaketeistamme ilmestyi jouluksi sopivasti myyntiin tullutta punaista Elefanttia...

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